5 Types of Pants Every Man Should have in 2023

Types of Pants Every Man Should have| Five (5) types of PANTS that a man should not miss, Remember Clothing has to introduce even before you say anything,

Your appearance will make some things easier or make some things difficult.

5 Types of Pants Every Man Should have

  1.  Official/ formal pant

 2. Chino / Cadet

Every man should not miss a cadet, You wear it anywhere, It is comfortable to wear a T-shirt or shirt.

  3. Sweet pants or many call them trucks

They are flexible and relaxed, they are very cool for training. It will be even cooler if you wear it with a t-shirt

 4. Cargo pants

These pants stay cool on the body, They call them cargo or we used to call them pockets, It’s relaxed, you can wear rubber or boots

If you wear mocha you will destroy, With a t-shirt it stays cooler with a shirt it doesn’t fit too well.

  5. Jeans

I will be surprised if you are young and miss it, You can wears with anything on top, and you put anything on the leg.


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