Job Interview Tips, Question: What is your weakness?/What are your weaknesses?


Job Interview Tips, Question: What is your weakness?/What are your weaknesses?

Job Interview Tips

Question: What is your weakness?/What are your weaknesses?

This question is sitting in a trap, it’s like you’re being told to give us a reason why we shouldn’t hire you. That is not his goal, but if you mix it up, you can give the employer a reason to spit on you.

In answering this question there are two types of people.

The first type, those who are tempted to say “I don’t have any” something that is unrealistic and unconvincing. And if you answer like this, it is a sign that you are not transparent.

The second type, they answer this question to show good qualities but they present it in a negative way so it looks like a weakness. For example, someone says “my weakness is working too much until sometimes I exceed the working hours”. I still don’t think this is the best way either. You can be seen totally beating adults.

I suggest choosing your real weakness but not the one that can affect your performance at work or reduce the chance of getting a job.

Remember, a careful person is the one who shows effort to correct his weaknesses when he discovers them, so when you mention them, tell the panel your efforts to rectify it.

For example (Post of legal officer):

One of the weaknesses is computer programming. I have been curious to know how it is done but it has never been easy for me; I especially struggle with coding. I have been trying to learn from my friends who are IT experts and I think I am getting better slowly but surely.

In this answer you will discover the weakness of computer programming skills cannot affect the performance of the legal officer so it is not a big deal.

In your answers, make sure you don’t kill yourself by starting to say that your weakness is carelessness, laziness, honesty, etc. you will fry yourself.

Remember this question can be asked differently, for example “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

All the best.

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